Casting a long shadow refers to a dominating and pervasive presence.  Such is not a shallow commitment but that which is intended to be long-lasting.  Its goal is to construct a corrosive element in its implementation.  It is to tear down the former and introduce a replacement. 

Forces of evil have invaded the moral foundation of America; the morality that once existed, and is introducing immorality as a norm.  There is the casting aside of the old; and in with the new, even within the Church of many Western nations.  Once such territory is gained; it seeks to enlarge it borders.


As America allows the promotion of ungodliness; those who are promoting such are not satisfied with just bringing America into its grasp, but other nations as well.  These ungodly elements are demanding acceptance; even if it infringes on biblical territory.

The Biblical concept of marriage has been discarded by those who are now attempting to enlarge their borders; attempting to force acceptance of transgender behavior as well.  We are seeing more harm than good being promoted in these latter days (2 Timothy 3:1).

When one begins to erase God, out of the equation, one is indeed treading on dangerous ground; especially as they continue to encourage the evilness of man and being allowed to do so.  Scripture tells us:  The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness, and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness (Romans 1:18).


Scripture reveals:  Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather reprove (or expose) them (Ephesians 5:11).  One is to expose sinfulness; bring it to light and show it for what it really is, that one may see its hideous nature and understand its terrible consequences.

America has been a blessed nation but is now seeing casting a long shadow of immorality to flood the land; with evidence of a new permissiveness, other than its former stand for godliness.  There are ungodly individuals, and organizations, who are seeking to undermine the "One Nation under God" concept.

It is unfortunate; but many who seek to oppose the goliaths of ungodliness, cave into opposition rather than stand.  There is a new foundation being laid, right before one's eyes; as the ways of righteousness are pushed aside, to enlarge the borders of the ungodly.


The prophet Isaiah revealed:  "The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them has the light shined" (Isaiah 9:2).  No longer casting forth darkness but receiving the Light of the World (John 8:12).  Jesus, in His coming, fulfilled that prophecy. 

The casting a long shadow of deception may be ongoing today; but so also, is the "Light of the Glorious Gospel of Christ."  There is an opportunity to cast off the works of darkness; and to put on the "Light of the Gospel."  The Gospel of Christ is as that of a lighthouse whose beacon shines forth as a safe haven to all who will acknowledge its purpose.

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