The devil you say is how one may respond in addressing a certain situation.  Oftentimes one may be enslaved to their own thinking rather than taking the Word of God seriously? In such a situation there is difficulty in one's opening their heart towards the Word of God?  They are so ingrained to their own thinking that they turn a deaf ear to any attempt to set the record straight? 

Scripture reveals: "My people are gone into captivity because they have no knowledge.  Therefore Hell has enlarged herself and opened her mouth without measure" (Isaiah 5:13-14).  How many locked into the jaws of Hell now wish they would have listened when opportunity availed itself? 

Our Lord spoke of such a person who in Hell lifted up his eyes saying, "I am tormented in this flame" (Luke 16:23-24).  If people could grasp the ideal of a literal burning Hell, that is for eternity, would they be so ready to simply say "The Devil You Say," with no apparent change?


Has America spiraled on the success ladder for so long that it has become as described in God's Word: "I sit a queen...and shall see no sorrow" (Revelations 18:7)?  America was shaken on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 with an undeniable realization that we are vulnerable.

America's dependence and success as a nation is based upon the God of its creation; yet we are seeing an erosion of godly values, flirting with that success.  There seemingly is little room for concern towards the morals of the land, or rather lack thereof, as they are systematically stripped away.  


To appease is the policy of making concessions.  We are seeing such an emphasis today; in the area of religion and the morals of our land.  Through concessions being made toward the immorality of the land it becomes stretched like a rubber band that is about to break.  Adam and Eve, along with mankind, paid a high price in regards to self-appeasement rather than adhering to the Word of God.  In self-appeasement there is always a cost factor involved when concessions are made.

With our present world crumpling about us can one stand by and offer an unbiased view towards the destructive measures that are being advanced?  I am very bias towards the need to place God's Word in the forefront again! 


The misconception that has been squeezed out of the term "separation of church and state" needs a reexamination to set the record straight.  Utilization of the phrase "The Devil you Say" does not necessarily indicate either acceptance or rejection.  The deciding factor is as to whether one plants their feet on the firm foundation of God's Word; or not! 


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