Would it not be wonderful to turn on your television, or see films, without fear of profanity, vulgarity, or nudity?  One may see or hear graphic illustrations of all these in our present day environment.   The ungodly has dedicated their own ideals of entertainment to be created and many have allowed such entertainment to come into their lives.  This has helped rob America, and other once godly nations, of morals and their Christian heritage.


Unfortunately many are becoming desensitized or immune to certain language structure, immoral portrayals, and nudity on the screen; viewing films of questionable content with little conviction or shame.  Scripture does not condone the behavioral habits that many have allowed to penetrate their life.

I am thankful for those who seek to identify with good moral values.  Television, and films of the past, had good moral values but tolerance towards profanity, vulgarity, and nudity has become more acceptable, to the public at large, encouraging movies to be made that bear little or no moral value.


Listed below are recommended films that I have personally viewed.  Not all are strictly Christian movies but are of a good moral nature.  I receive no personal gain from these recommendations other than to see good movies of value placed in the hands of those who are seeking to break free from movies that promote the wrong message.



ADVENTURES OF MARCO POLO  A fantastic journey of the first European to visit China in the Thirteenth Century to open trade with the mightiest and richest empire on Earth. 

THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD Robin Hood battles his villainous enemies, wins the love of Maid Marian and, as always, robs from the rich to give to the poor. 

BLOOD ALLEY  An American merchant marine captain ferries a group of Chinese refugees (a whole village) down the Yangtze River, a 300-mile waterway, to escape the Communists to freedom's shores. 

CAPTAIN HORATIO HORNBLOWER   In one of his favorite roles, screen legend Gregory Peck plays the valiant Napoleonic Era naval hero in a swashbuckling saga.  He's unflinching under fire, modest in victory, and more than a little at sea romantically with Lady Barbara.

NORTHWEST PASSAGE  Tells the story of French and Indian War heroics.  Tells of the celebrated Rogers' Rangers fighting force that took one on of the most challenging expeditions in military history.

PRINCE VALIANT  Overthrown and driven into exile, the king of Scandia fled to Britain with his wife and son, Prince Valiant.  When Prince Valiant faces the Black Knight he finds that heroism comes at a price.

RACE TO SPACE  A top NASA scientist, Wilhelm Von Huber, is too involved in the race for space to pay much attention to his young son Billy.  Billy finds refuge from his loneliness when he befriends a chimp being trained for space flight.

THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH  It's action, romance, laughs and treachery all under the big top, culminating in an incredible train disaster that threatens the very lives and livelihood of the traveling troupe.

TITANIC This classic, based on the true-life history of the famed ocean liner, remains one of the well-crafted films of all time.


IT HAPPENED TO JANE A classic romantic comedy of a single mom with two children in the live lobster business.  What happened to that business could have happened to anyone but ...IT HAPPENED TO JANE.

YOU'RE IN THE NAVY NOW Based on the Navy's real-life experiment with a steam engine in a WWII submarine chaser.  They set out on an unforgettable journey - they will either sink or swim but they will make history either way!


BLACKBEARD'S GHOST  A hilarious fantasy about a legendary pirate.  It is a comedy that will have you laughing from first fade-in to his final fade-out!

SNOWBALL EXPRESS A New York accountant, inherits a hotel in the Rocky Mountains, quits his job and moves his family out West to beautiful Colorado.  The Rockies never seemed rockier as the Baxter's find their "estate" in a state of total dilapidation.

THE HORSE IN THE GRAY FLANNEL SUIT This fast-paced Disney adventure combines fatherly love and corporate survival with exciting scenes of horse jumping exploits and a budding romance.

THE UGLY DACHSHUND A Disney story of a happy suburban household gone to the dogs!  In it are a uproarious series of household crises that reduce the home to shambles - and viewers to howls of laughter!


BATTLE HYMN  A one-man crusade to right war's wrongs in the Korean War.  Rock Hudson gives an unforgettable performance in this compelling Korean War drama based on actual events.

FRIENDLY PERSUASION  A warm story of a Quaker family caught up in the Civil War.

RED PLANET MARS  An American scientist contacts Mars by radio and receives information that Earth's people can be saved if they return to the worship of God. 

THE INN OF THE SIXTH HAPPINESS  Feat of a lady missionary leading 100 homeless children safety across enemy-held terrain during Japan's invasion of China.

THE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM  An inspirational film about a priest's life of service and compassion in China with his unorthodox beliefs raising some eyebrows among his superiors.


A TOWN LIKE ALICE A unique WWII classic told from a woman's perspective.  After women and children in Malaya are captured by the Japanese, a female POW makes friends with an Australian prisoner unfolding a moving story of courage and romance.

BREAKTHROUGH This movie follows a handful of GIs through the hellfire of Omaha Beach and across the Normandy peninsula, inch by inch they claim the land, inch by inch they consecrate it with bravery and blood. 

GOD IS MY CO-PILOT  The thrilling true story of Col. Robert Scott's daring missions with the Flying Tigers and his moment of truth during a WWII battle over Japanese-controlled China.

HEAVEN KNOWS, MR. ALLISON  Stranded on a Pacific Island, an Irish nun and a heroic Marine sergeant live a life of constant peril, hiding from Japanese troops who have a base on the island.

HOME OF THE BRAVE (Latest Entry) A young black soldier who has suffered a nervous breakdown and developed psychosomatic paralysis is crippled by rage and trauma induced by experiences suffered during a mission and a lifetime of racial discrimination.

MARINE RAIDERS  The fight for Guadalcanal is intense but Marine Raiders and Paramarines repulse the Japanese with vigor and valor.

OBJECTIVE BURMA Oscar-nominated film about American paratroopers who land in Burma and attempt to take out a strategic Japanese outpost.  A moving and explosive World War II production.

SCREAMING EAGLES On the eve of the Normandy Invasion, 15 American paratroopers board a transport plant to France.  Their order; secure the bridge that leads to Utah Beach.  Overshooting the drop zone, the platoon must cross 20 miles of occupied territory held by 300 German soldiers if they are to accomplish their mission in time.

TARGET ZERO Separated from their main forces, a mess of British and American soldiers form a unit and press to reach and hold an American encampment in this Korean War drama.

THE NORTH STAR The story of Ukrainian villagers and their resistance against Nazi invaders.  Peaceful lives are interrupted by falling bombs.  A German doctor uses the children of the town unethically.  Many of the Ukrainian men become guerrilla fighters.


BROKEN ARROW  An ex-soldier, who has already seen enough death and destruction, visits the notorious Apache leader Cochise to propose a truce.  No only does he succeed, but he also falls for a beautiful Indian girl.

THE COMMAND  This CinemaScope debut is a galloping success.  A 7th cavalry doctor is unexpectedly handed the reins of his battered troops command. 

THEY DIED WITH THEIR BOOTS ON  A rip-roaring account of General George Custer highlighted by a strong supporting cast.  It is a different take on the story of General Custer.

THE VIOLENT MEN  The law holds no meaning in this tale of two-barreled justice in the Old West.  Feuding ranchers become violent in a corrupt Western valley where the sheriff has been shot and the deputy is on the take.

WAR ARROW  To quell a Kiowa Indian uprising in the American Southwest, an Army Major is dispatched to a fort in Texas.  He recruits and trains Seminole warriors to help save the territory from the rioting Kiowas.

WHITE FEATHER  In an effort to peacefully coexist with white settlers, a Cheyenne tribe agrees to resettle, sacrificing valued Wyoming hunting grounds to make way for gold prospecting.