God's Directions for Life Website was designed to help one identify with the Word of God, as revealed through His Spirit, concerning the times in which we live. This blog is to help identify with the most recent changes.

Timeless Messages

Timeless messages that are seemingly endless in value.

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God's Watchman

God's watchman are sounding the alarm, revealing the very nature of God's Word, warning of impending judgment unless repentance is sought, as in the case of Nineveh.

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Vision from God

A vision from God importance is mentioned In the Book of Proverbs: Where there is no vision the people perish.

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Time to Vacate

It is not time to vacate a life that has been out of tune to God's Word and to "tune in" to "What Thus Saith the Lord." Hatred and mistrust is growing out of control.

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Awaken to the Truth

Awaken to the truth is to come to a spiritual understanding of God's desire for mankind.

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Stealing of the Heart

The stealing of the heart is the intent of many who seek after gain. We are seeing this in the political areana as well as life in general.

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Casting a Long Shadow

Casting a long shadow refers to a dominating and pervasive presence. Such is not a shallow commitment but that which is intended to be long-lasting.

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False Sense of Security

False sense of security is a real issue as one sees man's feeble efforts to bring peace. We are living in dangerous times that elude peace in just about every country.

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Searching for the Truth

Searching for the truth seems more difficult in a nation that is becoming increasingly more endeared to the ways of the ungodly.

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Ripple Effect

A ripple effect causes a gradual spread; causing several other events to happen one after the other. We are seeing this happening in America, and other nations, today.

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Battering Ram Against Righteousness

A battering ram against righteousness is descriptive of a cultural revolution that is threatening the very core of America's "One Nation Under God" concept.

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Refreshed in Spirit

Refreshed in spirit can happen when one's spirit is revitalized through an encouraging word, or action.

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Flame of Racism

The flame of racism may be caused by the very ones who are seeking to curb it.

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Puppet Christian

A Puppet Christian is one whose actions are controlled or influenced by another.

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Weekly Audio Podcast "Revival in the Word"

Weekly Audio Podcast "Revival in the Word" helps identify with the Word of God in our World today.

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Photo Gallery Selected Pictures

Photo Gallery Selected Pictures over a Lifetime.

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Permissive Society of Today

Permissive society of today warrants a day in court in regards to its allowance of ungodliness to flourish in the land. This permissiveness is encouraged by a self-willed and carnal minded society.

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