Selected photos of author and his family.  I have always enjoyed taking pictures of scenery and nature; some of which I have included.  I am an amateur photographer but feel that I have a certain flair in that area and enjoy doing so.  I had, earlier in life, developed some of my own pictures (black and white); one of which I submitted in a contest and was recognized for the submittal.  I enjoyed seeing a blank photo page come to life after placing it in the proper solution.



I am but a youngster in this picture but look like an eager-beaver towards life and its future!

This picture was taken with an Indian Chief along with my sister and I (1955).

Taken at my foster grandparents (who were of Polish descent) home in Virginia (1955).  I am the first one on the left - then my grandfather, sister, foster (later adopted) mother, grandmother, and cousin.

A school picture at the age of 15.

A picture of my Navy booth camp days - taken in 1962 - I am at the upper left hand corner.  Little did I know, at that time, I would make it a 20 year career!

A picture after leaving Boot Camp; after having grown my hair back!

I was visiting at home (in Illinois-26 years old) and am seen here with my foster dad's hunting dogs (1969).  He shot a lots of quail each year; but always raised about twenty to a certain age then turned them back in the wild to replenish that which was taken out.

My foster mother and I in1969.

My sister and I in 1969.

Arrived in Vietnam last part of 1969.

The Court House in Honolulu, Hawaii where Sue and I were married in 1972 (I was 29 years old and Sue 28).

Sue in Hawaii with her new sewing machine.

Sue in Navy housing in Hawaii.

25th Wedding Anniversary - had to make a few adjustments to get into my uniform though!  The Lord took Sue home a couple years later - one month before our 27th Anniversary.

Caught a butterfly departing from a tree in my backyard - upper right hand corner.

A busy bee in a flower in my front yard.

A groundhog in my backyard.  This fellow has been around a long time - and still is!

A Rabbit in my backyard sunning himself.  At certain times of the year I have an abundance of rabbits in my backyard - at one time my neighbor counted 13.

A Hawk I caught on its perch.

The results of an ice storm in my front yard.

A fall scene in my neighborhood.

A Wild Flower taken in backyard.

Unusual picture taken in my front yard one night.


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