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I thank the Lord that I have been able to air "Revival in the Word" for over 27 years at WJJM.  I thank the Lord for all the messages that have been laid upon my heart for the broadcast and for the divine anointing of God's Spirit.  I thank WJJM for being a gracious host all those years.

I desire to share some of my latest messages given over the air.  I do not do this as a denominational effort but simply to be obedient to God's direction as to what He would have brought before His people. 

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HOUR OF NEED Hour of need comes in everyone's life; often a time of great stress and anxiousness.  It is an hour in which some simple give up because their hope lies only in what this world has to offer.

PERMISSIVE SOCIETY OF TODAY warrants a day in court in regards to its allowance of ungodliness to flourish in the land.  This permissiveness and tolerance is encouraged by a self-willed and carnal-minded society.

WORLD OF INIQUITY A world of iniquity is the absence of moral or spiritual values; immoral behavior, and lack of uprightness.  Many once God-fearing nations have allowed filth and degradation to lap into their once righteous society.

DAY OF THE LORD The coming of the Day of the Lord entails a close examination as to one's believability of such a day.  A self-examination is needed became man's character tends to become fixed and unchangeable, determined by a lifetime of habitual actions.

HOPE FOR THE FUTURE Hope for the future is a positive thing when it seems as if all the world is crashing around you.  Hope revitalizes the entire person.  It is nourishment that helps sustain life.

PRELUDE TO ACCEPTABILITY Prelude to acceptability is something that serves as a preceding event, or introduction, towards one's acceptance; as receiving the mark spoken of in God's Word.

FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY False sense of security is a real issue as one sees man's feeble efforts to bring peace.  We are living in dangerous times that elude peace in just about every country.

ENHANCEMENT OF LIFE is normally of a positive nature.  Presently, we are seeing devastation of life in many areas that does not entail an enhanced life.

POWERFUL INFLUENCE TO DECEIVE Powerful influence to deceive flourishes in the world today.

DANCE TO THE TUNE Dance to the tune is being influenced, through persuasive methods, towards embracing what is being proposed. 

HOPE VERSUS DESPAIR Hope versus despair is an essential part of a Christian's life; not mere expectation or desire, but that which includes trust, confidence, and refuge in the God of hope.

HARMLESS AS DOVES Harmless as doves is the term Jesus used in sending His disciples out to minister (Matthew 10:16).  Such a term advocates peace not conflict.

AWAKEN TO THE TRUTH Awaken to the truth is to come to a spiritual understanding of God's desire for mankind.

DEPLORABLE STATE A deplorable state is being in a condition of contempt.  Life's evils are of such a nature; if one allows themselves to embrace such a lifestyle.

DOWNFALL OF A NATION Downfall of a nation can be attributed to many things; with losing sight of its former glory, a downside for allowing such to take place.


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