I thank the Lord that I have been able to air Revival in the Word for over 27 years on WJJM Radio.  I am thankful for all the messages that have been laid upon my heart and for the divine anointing of God's Spirit.  I thank WJJM as a gracious host for Revival in the Word!

I desire to share some of my latest messages.  I do not do this as a denominational effort but simply to be obedient to God's direction as to what He would have brought before His people.  All these years I am so grateful that through God's Spirit He has never failed to give me the weekly messages for Revival in the Word!

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TIME TO VACATE It is time to vacate a life that has been out of tune to God's Word and to "Tune In" to "What Thus Saith the Lord." 

BATTERING RAM AGAINST RIGHTEOUSNESS is descriptive of a cultural revolution that is threatening the very core of America's "One Nation Under God" concept.

REFRESHED IN SPIRIT can happen when one's spirit is revitalized through an encouraging word or action.  The apostle Paul spoke of those who had refreshed his spirit (1 Corinthians 16:18).

STEALING OF THE HEART is the intent of many who seek after gain.  We are seeing this in the political arena as well as life in general.  In the Bible the heart is regarded as being the seat of the intellect, the feelings, and the will.

NAME OF THE GAME The name of the game in our modern day society is to assault one's intended victim verbally; whether there be any truth to in the verbal ammunition or not.

HOUR OF NEED Hour of need comes in everyone's life; often a time of great stress and anxiousness.  It is an hour in which some simple give up because their hope lies only in what this world has to offer.

PERMISSIVE SOCIETY OF TODAY warrants a day in court in regards to its allowance of ungodliness to flourish in the land.  This permissiveness and tolerance is encouraged by a self-willed and carnal-minded society.

DAY OF THE LORD The coming of the Day of the Lord entails a close examination as to one's believability of such a day.  A self-examination is needed became man's character tends to become fixed and unchangeable, determined by a lifetime of habitual actions.

FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY False sense of security is a real issue as one sees man's feeble efforts to bring peace.  We are living in dangerous times that elude peace in just about every country.

ENHANCEMENT OF LIFE is normally of a positive nature.  Presently, we are seeing devastation of life in many areas that does not entail an enhanced life.

POWERFUL INFLUENCE TO DECEIVE Powerful influence to deceive flourishes in the world today.

DANCE TO THE TUNE Dance to the tune is being influenced, through persuasive methods, towards embracing what is being proposed. 

HOPE VERSUS DESPAIR Hope versus despair is an essential part of a Christian's life; not mere expectation or desire, but that which includes trust, confidence, and refuge in the God of hope.

DEPLORABLE STATE A deplorable state is being in a condition of contempt.  Life's evils are of such a nature; if one allows themselves to embrace such a lifestyle.

DOWNFALL OF A NATION Downfall of a nation can be attributed to many things; with losing sight of its former glory, a downside for allowing such to take place.


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