Topics of value is a collection of God-inspired messages that I did not want to delete simply because they have ventured into a different category on my Website.  Older messages can be just as meaningful, if not more so, than when first authored.  There is no time limit on the value of such.  I remember messages ministered years ago that have never left my memory.  God's Word  is ageless.  


I would encourage you to look through the titles and click on the one you are drawn too.   I was called into the ministry in 1983 and have always endeavored to have freshly anointed messages to deliver to God's people in a timely manner through His Spirit and calling.  


ADDICTION TO SIN  Addiction to sin has increased, in these latter years, with the help of electronic devices that no longer reflect the morals of a once godly nation.  America has blossomed forth into the ugliness of sin and it is not being dealt with as in previous years.

CASTING A LONG SHADOW  Casting a long shadow refers to a dominating and pervasive presence.  Such is not a "shallow commitment" but that which is intended to be long-lasting. 

CORRUPTED BY SIN  Corrupted by sin is to transgress the law of God.  It is to depart voluntarily from the path prescribed by God.  Pandora's box of evils has been opened in America, and other once godly nations, to bring forth a prolific source of troubles.

CRIME OF HUMANITY Crime of humanity originated in the Garden of Eden; taking away what God intended for mankind.

FLAME OF RACISM  Fueling the flame of racism may be caused by the very ones who are seeking to curb it.

GIFT OF ETERNAL LIFE  The gift of eternal life was laid upon my heart towards those who have yet to claim such a promise.

GOD'S HANDIWORK God's handiwork goes beyond man's abilities; utilizing whosoever He will to institute His ways. 

OLD TIME RELIGION Old time religion has become a byproduct of yesteryear.  It has been placed on the backburner rather than in the forefront. 

OUR DARKEST HOUR Our darkest hour was when we began to erase God from the picture and allowed ungodly ways to take root.

PERSPECTIVE OF WOMANHOOD Perspective of womanhood is well documented in God's Word.  Response to the biblical view of womanhood is often as hearing the Word of God; that of not being a doer (James 1:23-24).

PROCLAMATION FROM ON HIGH A proclamation from on High was made on the day a Savior was born; a miraculous birth conceived though a virgin (Luke 1:34-35).

RIPPLE EFFECT If an event causes ripples, its effect gradually spreads, causing several other events to happen one after the other.  We are seeing this happening in America, and other nations, today.

SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS Sad state of affairs; matters of concern, certainly can play havoc with one's mind.  The world is in turmoil; seeing answers to life's perplexing problems. 


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