By Roy Burner - Minister of the Gospel


Future of America lies within her people; as to what is allowed to take place towards upholding her "One Nation under God" status.  She has floundered in such a status by allowing ungodly influences to reign rather than upholding God's Word.

Many individuals, and ungodly organizations, have surfaced in recent years to tighten their grip on ungodly venues in America.  They attempt to block the religious rights of others.  The prophet Isaiah foretold that there would be a time when they shall justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him (Isaiah 5:23).  (Comment)


The future of America, and many once godly nations, lies in their ability to return to the God of their youth.  Most have become blinded to the realization that one cannot forsake God's Word without paying the price; unless repentance comes to the forefront.

There is also a falling away in many Western churches; who have tasted the good Word of God, and the powers of the world to come, but have succumbed to the ungodliness of man.  They have allowed compromise to flourish; rather than upholding the words of the Living God.  Jesus said:  No man, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God (Luke 9:62).


Many voices in the past; voices of renown men, have noted the significance of God, and His Word, being prevalent in America:

George Washington:  It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.  Andrew Jackson: The Bible is the rock on which our Republic rests.  Jedediah Morse:  Whenever the pillars of Christianity shall be overthrown, our present forms of government, and all the blessings, which flow from them, must fall with them.  Ronald Reagan: If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.

Where are such outcries today, of those who will not wavier in proclaiming God's Word?  America, along with other nations, have increased in their ungodliness; with no thought of a rescinding order from God, as given to Nineveh, a great city of over 600,000 inhabitants, after turning away from their wicked ways (Jonah 3:8-10).

America is seeing record breaking natural disasters, a global economy problem, new perplexities rising on a daily basis, political corruption, unrest, racism raising its ugly head; yet with no Nineveh type response in sight!


The future lies in the ability to rid ungodly influences that have inflamed God; termed as abominations in His sight.  The prophet Ezekiel was shown the abominations committed by Israel in the dark, every man in chambers of his own imagery; saying, the Lord sees us not (Ezekiel 8:12).

At the door of the Lord's house, women were weeping; looking to a false god for their needs (Ezekiel 8:12).  In the inner court of the Lord's house, were twenty men with their backs toward the temple of the Lord, worshiping the sun.  The Lord asked Ezekiel:  Is it a light (or trivial) thing that they commit the abominations which they commit here (Ezekiel 8:16-17)?


Another abomination revealed to the prophet Ezekiel:  They have slain my children, and offered them to pass through the fire (Ezekiel 16:20-21).  They caused them to pass though the fire; all that opened the womb (Ezekiel 20:26).

All that opened the womb leads us to abortions being committed today!  It has been reported, according to the World Health Organization, that 40 to 50 million babies are aborted around the world each year! 

Ezekiel was asked of God:  Is this of your whoredoms (or abominations) a small matter?  Legalized abortion; if allowed to continue will have a sufficient bearing on any nation's future, not counting all the other ungodliness being allowed!


The future of America lies in its ability to reevaluate what is being consumed.  One example are those who have been described as "coming out of the closet" flaunting their ungodly lifestyles, with no shame.

The prophet Jeremiah, in speaking the Word of the Lord, said:  Were they ashamed when they had committed abominations?  No, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush (Jeremiah 6:15).  There is a present day attempt to make all come to acceptance of ungodly ways; including Churches of many Western nations

Again, the future of America, and many once godly nations, lies in the ability to reevaluate what is being consumed; then do something about it, as was the case of Nineveh of old. 


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