The biblical cord is a lifeline for the believer; just as the cord that sustains the life of the unborn child until it departs the mother's womb, providing oxygen and nutrients to allow the baby to grow.  

The term biblical is in keeping with the nature of the Bible; its instructive words, and guidance to the believer.  Scripture reveals: Your (God's) word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path (Psalm 119:105).

It was noted that a lamp unto my feet shows what is one's duty; both towards God and man, informs the righteousness required by God, the imperfection of one's obedience, and that he needs better righteousness than his own to justify him in the sight of God.

The Biblical Cord
Tossed to the Wayside

We are seeing the Word of God being tossed to the wayside as many attempt to elevate themselves about God and His Word.  We are seeing many once godly nations no longer enjoying God's blessings due to allowing ungodliness to flourish in the land; rather than the righteousness of God.

There is an inroad towards the ungodliness of man that would engulf any nation; who disregard godly precepts that would bring God's blessings.  

Counsel Against the Lord
and His Anointed

Scripture reveals: The kings of the earth, set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his Anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords (the biblical cord) from us (Psalm 2:2-3).

It was noted that the truths of God's Word were looked upon by the wicked as bands and cords, shackles, and restraints upon their liberty; let us cast away their cords is a disengagement from them, and the enjoyment of their own lusts and sinful pleasures; not realizing that continuance of such would being them into bondage and the servants of corruption! 

Disregard Towards God's

Scripture reveals: Be not deceived: God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap. He that sows to the flesh (detached from the biblical cord) shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that sows to the Spirit (Spirit of God) shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting (Galatians 6:7-8).

It was noted that sowing to the flesh is to conduct oneself by the evil dictates and desires of the sinful nature; thus practicing the deeds of the flesh.  Such a person shall reap corruption is requited with eternal destruction (confined in Hell).  Sowing to the Spirit means a life by His enabling help (attached to the biblical cord) in accord with the Spirit's prompting and leading; such a person (in Christ) shall reap life everlasting, and be rewarded with eternal life.

Having Withdrawn from
Biblical Cord

Theodore Roosevelt noted: When the teachings of the Bible are interwoven with civic and social life; if those teachings were removed we would lose almost all the standards by which we now judge both public and private morals, all the standards which we strive to rise ourselves.

Many lands are seeing devastation after having withdrawn from the biblical cord (God's Word)!  We are seeing a new generation of believers who no longer adhere to the biblical cord of the past; having not received such from the previous generation of believers (a generational gap), bringing about a cultural change that no longer reflects godliness as defined in God's Word.

A Generational Gap

Scripture gives a glimpse into the generational gap; in reference to the rebuilding of the second Temple of the Lord, the previous one having been destroyed. Scripture reveals: When the builders laid the foundation of the temple of the Lord all the people shouted with a great shout because the foundation of the house of the Lord was laid.  

But many of the priests and Levites and chief of the fathers, who were ancient men, that had seen the fist house (temple), when the foundation of this house was laid before their eyes, wept with a loud voice; and many shouted aloud for joy: so that the people could not discern the noise of the shout of joy from the noise of the weeping of the people; for the people shouted with a loud shout, and the noise was heard far off (Ezra 3:12-13).  

It was noted that it had been 50 years since the first temple had been destroyed, and many of the older men (ancient men) who had seen the earlier buildings wept now because of the sorrowful contrast in size and splendor.  The prophet Haggai asked: Who is left among you that saw this house (temple) in her first glory? An how do you see it now? Is it not in your eyes in comparison as nothing (Haggai 2:3)? 

This could be equated to our present day generational gap of believers; the younger generation having not seen the former glory of God embracing the land; but the ancients of the land (who had witnessed it) weeping at the sorrowful contrast.  

Drifting into Worldliness 

Noah H. Mack, in a sermon titled "Little Foxes" noted: This writer with much interest and prayer observed the movements and efforts of the church for more than thirty-five years; all this while it has developed a great power to work, but almost as fast as she grows in efficiency for labor she drifts into worldliness in one way or another and all because of fostered pride and love of pleasure.

Those who have been responsible for the housekeeping of the church has not been watchful enough and let the little foxes creep into the vineyard and now they are so numerous and big that they cannot be driven out by ordinary methods of teaching and warning, for they well-nigh have possession of the vineyard.

Cords of the Wicked

Scripture reveals: The Lord is righteous: he has cut asunder (cut in pieces) the cords of the wicked (Psalm 129:4).  It was noted that the Lord's response to the wicked, rendering tribulation (punishment); and taking vengeance upon them.  

He has cut asunder the cords (chains) of the wicked; confounding their counsels and schemes, so they cannot carry out their intentions. Scripture reveals: the Lord brings the counsel of the heathen (nations) to nought: he makes the devices (plans) of the people of no effect (Psalm 33:10).  

Holding One Bound

Scripture reveals: His own iniquities (designs) shall take (entrap) the wicked himself, and he shall be holden (caught) with the cords of his sins (Proverbs 5:22).  It was noted that one's own iniquities (sins) shall take hold of them; so entangled that they cannot free themselves, being more and more hardened by them, not having the power, or even the desire to repent of them, to shake off those shackles with which they are bound, being twisted together as cords, increasingly strong and holding one bound.

Such, without repentance, will one day be brought to justice, being reserved in those cords (corruption of a sinful lifestyle), until judgment day, having no power to rid themselves of it, with ruin and judgment pronounced, not having received the biblical cord of freedom through Christ Jesus being one's Lord and Savior!  Scripture reveals: It is appointed to men once to die, but after this the judgment (Hebrews 9:27).

Flames of Wrath

Jonathan Edwards sermon, Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God, contain these words: Consider the fearful danger that you are in: You hang by a slender thread, with the flames of divine wrath flashing about it, and ready every moment to singe it, and burn it asunder; and you have no interest in any mediator, and nothing to hold on to save yourself.

Nothing to keep the flames of wrath away, nothing of your own, nothing you have done, nothing that you can do (when standing before God on Judgment Day), to induce God to spare you one moment.  Those words ring loud and clear today, to endangered souls who are about to descend into eternity without the benefit of a Savior (the Lord Jesus Christ), unless repentance comes to the forefront prior to Judgment Day.

Biblical Cord of Salvation

Scripture gives warning to those not attached to the biblical cord of salvation: Woe to them that draw (drag) iniquity with cords of vanity (falsehood), and sin as it were with a cart rope (Isaiah 5:18).  It was noted this describes those that are drawn into sin, through their own hearts' lusts and corruptions, through the temptations of Satan, and the snares of the world, or by the persuasions of others.

Many nations are allowing the ungodliness of man to lead the way; having walked away from the biblical cord of the past, which had united them as a nation under God; but now laying the groundwork of acceptance of ungodliness by bylaws and rulings made to accommodate such.

Acceptance of Biblical 
Cord of Salvation

Scripture reveals: God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son (the Lord Jesus Christ), that whosoever believes in him, should not perish but have everlasting life (the biblical cord of salvation) (John 3:16).  

Jesus extends an invitation: I stand at the door (the door of one's heart), and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door (only you can), I will come in to him (salvation of the soul), and will sup (dine) with him, and he with me (Revelation 3:20).  This verse clearly expresses the desire for the biblical cord of salvation to be received by all who will trust in Him!

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