By Roy Burner


Worry free films listed have been personally viewed and are recommended.  Would it not be wonderful to turn on your television, or see films, without fear of profanity, vulgarity, or nudity?  However, one may see or hear graphic displays of all these in our present day environment.  

Hollywood has been dedicated its own ideal of entertainment with headlines such as "Family Audiences of Little Concern to Some Filmmakers."  There is little consideration being given to what audiences might want to see or hear.

Another headline:  Filthy Language a Real Obstacle for Many Moviegoers.  Movie producers are offending many viewers with language that is getting more explicit.  Traits adopted by the movie industry has helped rob America, and other once godly nations, of their morals and Christian heritage.  

Worry Free Films - Desensitized and Immune

Unfortunately many are becoming desensitized or immune to certain language structure, immoral portrayals, and nudity on the screen; viewing films of questionable content with little conviction or shame. Scripture does not condone the behavioral habits that many have allowed to penetrate one's life (Jeremiah 6:18).

Today, tolerance towards violence, profanity, vulgarity, and nudity is becoming the norm, with movies being produced that bear little or no moral values as of yesteryear.  I am thankful for those who do seek to identify with good moral values; and will not allow the infiltration of other than that to pollute the mind! 

Recommended Films

Listed below are recommended worry free films.  Not all are strictly Christian movies but all are of a good moral nature.  I have over 250 films in my DVD library which I can readily select with no fear of hearing or seeing what I do not wish to be entertained with!

I receive no personal gain from these recommendations other than to see good movies of value placed in the hands of those who are seeking to break free from movies that promote the wrong message.

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Film Category - Classics 

ADVENTURES OF MARCO POLO  A fantastic journey of the first European to visit China in the Thirteenth Century to open trade with the mightiest and richest empire on Earth. 

ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD Robin Hood battles his villainous enemies, wins the love of Maid Marian and, as always, robs from the rich to give to the poor. 

AGAINST ALL FLAGS A classic swashbuckler, British naval officer is sent to infiltrate the crew of a pirate ship and undermine their wayward mission.  But things get complicated when the beautiful buccaneer queen becomes more than just casually interested in him.

BLOOD ALLEY  An American merchant marine captain ferries a group of Chinese refugees (a whole village) down the Yangtze River, a 300-mile waterway, to escape the Communists to freedom's shores. 

CAPTAIN HORATIO HORNBLOWER   Film depicts a Napoleonic Era naval hero in a swashbuckling saga.  He's unflinching under fire, modest in victory, and more than a little at sea romantically with Lady Barbara.

CARBINE WILLIAMS A jailed bootlegger is given a chance by a kindhearted warden wishing to reform him.  He goes on to invent the M-1 Carbine automatic rifle that became famous during WWII.

IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT Winner of five major Academy Awards.  A legendary romantic comedy that's still as enchanting as ever concerning a spoiled heiress.

JOURNEY TO CENTER OF THE EARTH  With spectacular visuals this sweeping family adventure film is based on a classic thriller of an expedition into the Earth's dark core and encounter giant prehistoric reptiles, and much more.

MR. DEEDS GOES TO TOWN Story of a gentle poet who inherits $20 million and sparks major controversy when he tries to donate it to charity after the money becomes more trouble than it's worth.

NORTHWEST PASSAGE  Tells the story of French and Indian War heroics.  Tells of the celebrated Rogers' Rangers fighting force that took one on of the most challenging expeditions in military history.

PRINCE VALIANT  Overthrown and driven into exile, the king of Scandia fled to Britain with his wife and son, Prince Valiant.  When Prince Valiant faces the Black Knight he finds that heroism comes at a price.

THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY A disparate group of passengers are trapped aboard an apparently doomed aircraft in this legendary disaster film.

THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH  It's action, romance, laughs and treachery all under the big top, culminating in an incredible train disaster that threatens the very lives and livelihood of the traveling troupe.

THE CANTERVILLE GHOST  A ghost has haunted Canterville Castle for 300 years until a daring deed by a kinsman frees his spirit.  Laughter prevails in this ingenious comedy.

TITANIC This classic, based on the true-life history of the famed ocean liner, remains one of the well-crafted films of all time.

YOU GOTTA STAY HAPPY An unhappy heiress is forced to marry a man she doesn't love and runs away on her wedding night.  When she barges into the hotel room of another man, an airline pilot, he agrees to hid her.  It's then that the comedy and romantic sparks really "take off."

Film Category - Disney

20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA A famous novel about the adventures of the Nautilus and its crusty sea dog Captain Nemo jump from the page to the screen.

BLACKBEARD'S GHOST  A hilarious fantasy about a legendary pirate.  It is a comedy that will have you laughing from first fade-in to his final fade-out!

FOLLOW ME, BOYS! When a traveling jazz musician calls it quits on the road, he settles down in a small town, marries his sweetheart and becomes a scoutmaster on this heartwarming Disney classic.

MONKEYS GO HOME An American inherits a French olive farm, and hires a bunch of monkeys to work for him in this zany comedy.

SAVAGE SAM Savage Sam presents a heartwarming story of love, devotion and trust set in the sprawling pioneering days of the untamed West.

SNOWBALL EXPRESS A New York accountant, inherits a hotel in the Rocky Mountains, quits his job and moves his family out West to beautiful Colorado.  The Rockies never seemed rockier as the Baxter's find their "estate" in a state of total dilapidation.

SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON An enduring Disney favorite that tells the heroic tale of the shipwrecked Robinson family.

THE CAT FROM OUTER SPACE An intelligent being from another planet visits Earth in the form of a cat and enlists the aid of U. S. scientists in rebuilding his spaceship.

THE ISLAND AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD An exciting adventure of a Arctic expedition which sets out searching for a missing son and comes across a Viking civilization.

THE UGLY DACHSHUND A Disney story of a happy suburban household gone to the dogs!  In it are a uproarious series of household crises that reduce the home to shambles - and viewers to howls of laughter!

THOSE CALLOWAYS Rural New England provides a glorious backdrop for the moving tale in which a Vermont family is determined to provide a sanctuary on the lake for migrating wild geese, but must fight off some businessmen who have less-inspiring plans for the land.

Film Category - Religious 

A MAN CALLED PETER The rousing and inspirational story of the Scottish-born minister Peter Marshall who became the Chaplain of the U. S. Senate.

BATTLE HYMN  A one-man crusade to right war's wrongs in the Korean War.  This film offers an unforgettable performance in this compelling Korean War drama based on actual events.

BEN-HUR A aristocrat in the time of Christ is mistaken for a criminal and made a slave to the Roman Empire, in the brutal coliseum, he earns his freedom by competing in a grand chariot race, and heads home to find redemption and revenge.

EXODUS  A epic story of the Jewish refugees' struggle for Israel during the 1947 Palestinian War.

FRANCIS OF ASSISI The remarkable tale of the pious St. Francis of Assisi who sacrificed all his worldly possessions, as the son of a wealthy cloth merchant, to unselfishly dedicate his life to God.

FRIENDLY PERSUASION  A warm story of a Quaker family caught up in the Civil War.

RED PLANET MARS An American scientist contacts Mars by radio and receives information that Mars is a utopia and that Earth's people can be saved if they return to the worship of God.  Revolution sweeps the Earth.

SERGEANT YORK The story of legendary WWI hero Alvin York, who captured 132 Germans in the savage battle at Argonne.

Film Category - War 

ABOVE AND BEYOND  This powerful drama recounts the life of the pilot of the Enola Gay who dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.  Troubled by his actions, he struggles to cope with his guilt and his marriage.

ACTION IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC  The hardy crew members of the Merchant Marines S. S. Seawitch bravely battle the treacherous Nazi U-boats and defy the odds to deliver much needed supplies to Russian allies.

BATTLE ZONE  Upset by the engagement of a Red Cross Nurse he once dated to a combat photographer, a young Marine pushes his feelings aside when he finds himself accompanied by her fiancee on a dangerous mission in Korea.

BOMBERS B-52 The stirring family tale of an Air Force flyboy and his ground-crew chief who are charged with maintaining war readiness during an uncertain peace.

EDGE OF DARKNESS When the Nazis invade his hometown, a Norwegian fisherman rallies his fellow villagers to fight.

FLYING LEATHERNECKS A rugged commander of a fighter squadron during the battle of Guadalcanal.

FORCE OF ARMS  A young soldier on the front lines falls for a military nurse in the WWII.  Powerful and tender reunited lovers in the war's chaos.

GO FOR BROKE They were the heroes of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team...a squad of loyal, Japanese-Americans who had to battle prejudice as well as the Axis enemy.

GUADALCANAL DIARY Considered to be one of the best WWII films, this drama follows a group of Marines as they try to secure a major Pacific military base.

IMMORTAL SERGEANT Away at war, a soldier fears that his girl will fall for another man at home and also if his unit will even survive at all after his fearless and experienced sergeant is killed. 

ONE MINUTE TO ZERO A romance ensure between an  embittered but sensitive solider and a United Nations representative right in the midst of a fierce North Korean invasion south of the 38th Parallel.

OPERATION PACIFIC A torpedo expert who must take command of a WWII submarine while trying to rekindle the flame with is ex-wife who happens to be a nurse.

PASSAGE TO MARSEILLE A tension-swept Passage to Marseille.  A World War II French patriot escapes from Devil's Island, survives a dangerous freighter voyage and becomes a gunner in the Free French Air Corps.

RED BALL EXPRESS  In the heat of World War II, General Patton's high-speed front guard must be supplied.  The men who ran those supplies were heroes in their own right: truck platoons with drivers and soldiers who overcome racial and class differences to work together against incredible odds.

SINCE YOU WENT AWAY A housewife "holds down the fort" at home with two growing daughters, while her more-than-over 21 husband enlists and heads off to serve in WWII.

TASK FORCE An all-star cast gives cause to this sweeping tale of the history of naval aviation and the development of the aircraft carrier.

THE DEEP SIX A star-studded WWII thriller in which a naval officer is faced with a serious dilemma when his pacifist Quaker upbringing is in direct conflict with his combat duties.

THE McCONNELL STORY Captain Joseph McConnell Jr. became America's first triple jet ace, downing 16 enemy planes.  In peace, he braved the unknown as a test pilot.  His heroic story soars to life in this compelling drama.

THE NAVY COMES THROUGH A run down old freighter, manned by everything from a heavyweight boxer to an Austrian violinist, beats the odds and displays its crew's real courage by taking out U-boats and bombers in this WWII adventure.

THIRTY SECONDS OVER TOKYO Based on a true story and boating a fantastic cast, this profoundly realistic war drama tells the true story of the Doolittle Raid - the daring U. S. bombing raid on Japan following the shocking attack on Pearl Harbor.

TORPEDO RUN A WWII submarine commander seeking to save his hostage family targets Japan's aircraft carrier in a life-to-death gamble.

Film Category - Western

DENVER & RIO GRANDE Competing railroads vie for the best route through the Rockies.  Things get really ugly when they turn to guerilla warfare.

BROKEN ARROW  An ex-soldier, who has already seen enough death and destruction, visits the notorious Apache leader Cochise to propose a truce.  No only does he succeed, but he also falls for a beautiful Indian girl.

DEVIL'S DOORWAY  A Shoshone tribesman and Civil War hero returns home with dreams to be a cattleman on his family's land.  But American Indians have no property rights!

DRUM BEAT A seasoned Indian fighter, but friendly with the Medoc Indian tribe, is sent to negotiate a peace treaty with the Medoc chief.  Having once been the childhood sweetheart of the chief's sister, he realizes when he arrives that she remains emotionally spent for their relationship.  Based on a true story.

FORT APACHE Fort Apache soldiers question their commander's tactics, and are headed for ruin when they go against their convictions to disobey.  This thought-provoking film brings out what is more important - a just outcome or obeying orders.

RETURN OF THE BAD MEN  Outlaws came from everywhere to cash in during the Oklahoma Land Rush, including the shoot-first Sundance Kid until justice was brought to the prairie. 

ROCKY MOUNTAIN Confederates head west in 1865 to recruit insurrectionists to fight the Union, but this band of Rebels soon has its hands full with Indians on the warpath.

SITTING BULL An Army major, wanting fairness for all men, pleads with General Custer not to embark on his battle at Little Big Horn.  When Custer suffers his famous defeat the Major faces the charges of his fellow soldiers that he turned traitor and helped the Indians during battle.

THE COMMAND  This CinemaScope debut is a galloping success.  A 7th cavalry doctor is unexpectedly handed the reins of his battered troops command. 

THE SHEEPMAN In cattle country, sheep make the locals' jaws clench and to twitch.  But an easygoing cowboy, who won a trainload of sheep in a poker game, aims to graze them there.

THE JAYHAWKERS In the chaos of pre-Civil War Kansas, a government agent infiltrates the vigilance group known as the jayhawkers.  A rousing and visually stunning western!

THEY DIED WITH THEIR BOOTS ON  A rip-roaring account of General George Custer highlighted by a strong supporting cast.  It is a different take on the story of General Custer.

THE VIOLENT MEN  The law holds no meaning in this tale of two-barreled justice in the Old West.  Feuding ranchers become violent in a corrupt Western valley where the sheriff has been shot and the deputy is on the take.

WAGON MASTER A Mormon wagon train en route to Utah hooks up with a couple of horse traders to serve as wagon master and guide, but soon find themselves threatened by a gang of outlaws and a series of calamities. 

WAR ARROW  To quell a Kiowa Indian uprising in the American Southwest, an Army Major is dispatched to a fort in Texas.  He recruits and trains Seminole warriors to help save the territory from the rioting Kiowas.

WESTWARD THE WOMEN A wagon train of women travel across the rugged West, from Chicago to California, to meet their mail-order husbands.

WHITE FEATHER  In an effort to peacefully coexist with white settlers, a Cheyenne tribe agrees to resettle, sacrificing valued Wyoming hunting grounds to make way for gold prospecting.


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