This website was designed to help one identify with the Word of God, as revealed through His Spirit, concerning the economic, political, and religious times in which we live. One's journey in life is but a glimpse in the avenue of time.

In Directions for Life there are moments of joy, fulfillment, and enlightenment as well as times of failure, sorrow, and tragic moments. As one continues it is to be with the expectation and desire that they become as a stepping-stone for others to follow.

Job cried out: "Oh, that my works were now written! Oh, that they were printed in a book! That they were graven with an iron pen and lead in the rock forever! Job received that which he wished for as his words are now forever embedded in the Holy Bible.

In many nations Biblical guidance is being flaunted as many seek to walk in their own way rather than adhere to the Word of Life. This website is to help promulgate Biblical guidance through inspired messages for the hour in which we live. I invite you to use this Website as an instrument to the enhancement of that Word and that it will be instilled in the heart of all who will take time to search out its truths!


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MOST VISITED WEBPAGE IN AUGUST:  "State of Deterioration"

LATEST TOPIC (UPDATED WEEKLY):  "Cultivated Years" - The cultivated years in one's life can be an influence toward one's present or future actions.

RADIO PROGRAM:  "Revival in the Word" - Listen Live or View Current Messages.

A VISION FROM GOD:  "A Vision from God" - Where there is no vision the people perish (Proverbs 19:18). A godly woman, whom I know, received a vision from God while praying.

CLEAN INTERNET: "Clean Internet" is a Christian filtering for families, schools, and Christian businesses.

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State of Deterioration
What has brought about the state of deterioration we are seeing in many nations today?
Cultivated Years
The cultivated years in one's life can be seen as an influence toward one's present or future actions.
The Author of God's Directions for Life Website
This Webpage is about the author of God's Directions for Life Website.
Contact Me
Utiliize this Webpage to contact me which your comments concerning this Website.
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Films (DVD) for Wholesome Family Entertainment
Noteworthy Links
Noteworthy links is to help others in their quest for factual information .
Webpage Review from Website Visitors
Webpage Review from Website Visitors - God's Directions for Life
Radio Program "Revival in the Word"
Radio Program "Revival in the Word" - Listen Live or View Messages
Picture Gallery
Picture Gallery of Selected Photos
In Loving Memory of My Wife
God-inspired poems in loving memory of my wife.
A Glimpse of One Life
The "Glimpse of One Life" is an autobiography of the author of this website.
A Famine in the Land
There is a famine in the land of hearing the words of the Lord!
America at a Crossroads
Is America at a crossroads in its relationship to God?
A Puppet Christian
A Puppet Christian is one whose actions are controlled or influnced by another.
A Pandemic
The term pandemic refers to that which is widespread or universal.
Cleansed from Within
Cleansed from within is a pragmatic sanction that far too few has the inclination to deal with.
God's Watchmen
God's watchmen are sounding the alarm, revealing the very nature of God's Word, warning of impending judgment unless repentance is sought, as in the case of Nineveh.
Hindu Chaplain Leads Prayer in U. S. Senate
Hindu kChaplain Rajan Zed opened the U. S. Senate's morning session with prayer, normally a Judeo-Christian tradition.
The Ills of Our Society
The ills of our society certainly do not promote good health for a nation.
Lost Values
Lost values are very much prevalent in our society, in our churches, and lifestyle.
Our Darkest Hour
One reason for our darkest hour was given on December 22, 1820.
Paradise on Earth
Paradise on earth is a concept we are not presently experiencing.
Revelation of Hell
Revelation of Hell is needful in the hour in which we live.
The Addicted Life
An addicted life can be a harmful nature but the only time it is mentioned in God's Word is on the positive side.
The Devil You Say
When one attempts to set the record straight oftentimes one will respond with "The Devil You Say."
The Docile Church
A Docile church is one which is easily shaped or formed.
The Freshness of God's Spirit
The freshness of God's Spirit is prevalent, to the believer, when one's focus is on God, and that of His only begotten Son.
A Vision from God
In the Book of Proverbs it reveals that where there is no vision the people perish.
Alarming Rate of Acceptance
An alarming rate of acceptance is prevalent in America
America in Reversal
America has done a reversal and has become locked in a battle between right and wrong and is leaning far left in many of its decisions.
An Affront to God
The World is painting a picture of indulgence that is an affront to God and not to be consumed.
An Unquenchable Thirst
There is an unquenchable thirst for the things this world has to offer rather than God's Word.
A Volatile World
A volatile world is one that can change in sudden or extreme way.
God's Call to Penitence
God's call to penitence is well established in God's Word. An example of such is Nineveh which repented at the proclamation of the prophet Jonah.
Diminishing Value of Truth
Diminishing value of truth is a realistic figuration in life as we presently know it.
Ebbing Away
There is much distress in the world today as the certainties of yesteryear are slowling ebbing away.
Flirting with One's Destiny
Flirting with one's destiny is toying with one's final destination. It is embedded in the choices one makes.
Gift of Eternal Life
The gift of eternal life was laid upon my heart towards those who have yet to claim such a promise.
Hatred is Taboo
Hatred is taboo to a Christian whose epithet should be that of love.
insight into tomorrow
Insight into tomorrow can be advantageous or frighteing.
Old Values Reinstated
Old values reinstated are most needful in a society that is fast becoming of a pagan nature.
Passive and Submissive
The passive and submissive way suits many rather than to create a rift.
Pulse of the World
Pulse of the World is as a barometer that is used to help in forcasting weather. There are times when the readings might be erratic depending on the circumstances at the time.
Sound the Alarm
Sound the alarm is a dire need to awaken the people to the reality of what lies before them.
Achilles' Heel of America
What would be the Achilles' heel of the most advanced, prosperous, and powerful nation on the face of the earth?
A Controversy with the Land
A controversy with the land did not stemp from a lack of knowledge, nor from a shortage of information, but rather rejection of information.
An Era of Time
Era of time entails an important date or event. We have seen many periods of transition evolve in history making moments but none that can compare with biblical happenings of great magnitude.
Another Great Awakening
Where is the moral outrage necessary to petition God for a another great awakening?
A Polarized State
A polarized state exists when a country is divided and not united towards a single purpose.
A Tearful Moment
Is a tearful moment a reality in your own life? Tears are a part of life here on earth.
Attractions of this World
The title "Attractions of this World" is placed in a plural sense for there are many!
A Wake Up Call
A wake up call is expedient to those who have accepted the current direction America is taking.
Blended into One
Separatism has hindered the blended into one concept.
Cosmic Upheaval
How Does the term cosmic upheaval play into the picture in Biblical terms?
Crosshairs of Political Correctness
Crosshairs of political correctness is a formula that is sought after in these days when words will hold one accountable.
Dangling Bait
Dangling bait is a method used to catch one's intended victum.
Dereliction of Duty
Dereliction of duty focus on those who are now "silenced" from speaking the truths of God's Word.
Endangered Souls
Endangered souls are those who need to cry out in repentance out of a nation that is fast becoming pagan in its makeup.
Fortitude in Times of Distress
Fortitude in times of distress is being tested in the hour in which we live. Seemingly unbearable circumstances enhance the life of many.
Freedom Rings
Freedom rings is in the heart and life of every individual who has ever been in any form of oppression.
Global Meltdown
Global meltdown is a certainty if the current trends of "allowances" are continued with little regard to the consequences.
God's Kingdom Enhanced
The enhanced Kingdom of God is imperative and instrumental with the monumental task that lies before it.
Injustices Committed
Injustices commited is a key witness to what is happening in America and other once godly nations.
Insurgent Activity on the Rise
Insurgent activity on the rise is not only true in many other lands but also in America.
Is No Vacancy a Reality
Is "No Vacancy" a reality in America?
Is America Becoming Bankrupt
Is America becoming bankrupt? There is the realization that much is wrong in America today.
Oldies but Goodies
Oldies but goodies is a collection of past God-inspired messages
Pampered into Hell
We live in a time in which people are being pampered into the very pits of Hell unless enlightened to the dangers of sin and rejection of God's Son.
Pool of Reflection
A pool of reflection is located in the proximity of a memorial so a visitor can see a reflection of the memorial.
Profile of America
Profile of America looks into the "One Nation Under God" concept.
Recognition of Biblical Truths
There is an inherent need towards the recognition of biblical truths in the society of our day.
Revamping of God's Word
Is there a tendency today towads the revamping of God's Word?
Running the Race
Running the race of faith is a prelude to a crown of righteousness that can be obtained.
Roughshod Mannerism
Is a roughshod mannerism coming into focus in the hour in which we live?
Sanctity of Life
Sanctity of life gives no man the right to take it from another. Murder has been wrong since the beginning of time.
Seeds of Ungodliness
Seeds of ungodliness are being planted and are flourishing in America and other once godly nations.
Self Examination
Self examination is a reflective examination as to one's beliefs.
Stand in Adversity
Stand in adversity is a must in the day and hour in which we live.
The Last Hurdle in Life
The last hurdle in life brings to climax where one will spend eternity.
The Potters House
What is so formable about the Potters House?
The Shackled Truth
The shackled truth is an attempt to deprive one of the truth, even to the point, that it might deprive one of the freedom such truth would entail.
Times of Rejoicing
In the midst of troublesome times there are also times of rejoicing.
Voices of the Past - Present - Future
Voices of the past, present, and future entail a large segment of time some of which has yet to be fulfilled.
Walking Without Sight
Walking without sight is an inherent stigma among many who have been blinded to the truth.