Revival in the Word was on the air for over 27 years on WJJM Radio. I am thankful to the Lord for all the messages that have been laid upon my heart (still are) and for the divine anointing of God's Spirit! I thank WJJM for being a gracious host to Revival in the Word for so many years.

I desire to share some of my latest messages. I do this simply to be obedient to God's direction as to what He would have brought before His people. I am so grateful that God's Spirit has never failed to give me weekly messages; and continues to do so on the Latest Weekly Audio Podcast of "Revival in the Word." 


AT EASE IN ZION is bringing many nations, and individuals, under the influence of the ungodly with little being offered towards opposing the enormity of the problem.  There is a gigantic reach forward as......Read More

A NATION WITHOUT GOD on the surface may seem to prosper but is lost and desolate without God.  The world is seeing devastation, social and political upheaval, with wars and rumors of wars......Read More


BANKRUPTCY OF A NATION includes being spiritual, moral, or intellectual bankrupt; with many in the act of becoming such, if the current trend continues unabated.  The startling fact is......Read More


CONSCIENCE OF A NATION curtails spiritual leadership that has escaped nations that once looked to God as their Deliverer and Provider.  We are seeing devastation, chaos, and utter destruction......Read More


FURTHERANCE OF THE GOSPEL is necessary in a world that has allowed evilness to be promulgated regardless of endangerment to the soul. There is an onrush of ungodliness that is influencing nations and individuals......Read More

KEEP THE TORCH LIT, and the reason why, is documented by the prophet Isaiah in regard to future Israel but could apply to any nation.....Read More


OUR CHRISTIAN HERITAGE IS THREATENED by forces of evil that seek to overpower, weakened, or eliminate its influence; with rulings and laws made to strip away the Christian heritage established a long time ago.....Read More


PLACING HOPE IN MAN can have a disastrous effect if one's hope in anchored in man alone; for trusting in man and expecting great results can be dashed in a moment......Read More

PLEASURE OF SIN has been placed into such a category through the dominance of ungodly individuals who promulgate filth and degradation then make it appear as acceptable.....Read More


RIGHTEOUSNESS EXALTS A NATION is a Biblical reminder to those who would neglect such a status and allow the seed of corruption and ungodliness to take root......Read More

SEEDS OF CORRUPTION is being planted with a probe into the fertile ground of righteousness to offset any productive effort in that area.  There is an ongoing effort......Read More

SPIRIT OF WISDOM attributes to a God-given ability to accomplish that which God desires for the good of mankind; with man taking such to enhance his own agenda......Read More


STANDING FOR THE TRUTH is necessary in an age where many conceal the truth for political or personal gain. We face a adversary today that is utilizing every asset possible.....Read More 


THE CASUALTIES OF WAR involves loss of countless lives with the definition of casualty being that which comes without design or foreseen.  One may become a casualty to what would never have been previously considered but is being witnessed today.....Read More


THE DETERRENT OF HEALTH is when one ignores warning signs and pursues one's own charted course; as that of the Titanic, a vessel believed unsinkable.....Read More


THE DIVERSITY OF CULTURES has plagued mankind since the conflict of Cain against his brother Abel; beginning a long history of human violence and inhumanity.....Read More


THE PLATE OF ACCEPTANCE is overflowing towards the ungodliness of man as many continue to add ungodly content that is promoted as healthy rather than destructive......Read More


THE TOOLS OF SATAN are ambiguous in nature in that they appear to be acceptable yet destructive; being promoted by a digital world to capture an audience, that otherwise would be unattainable.....Read More


THE UGLINESS OF SIN has become a pandemic as it raises its ugly head of dominance and control in people's lives.  If one compares the godly days of the past they can readily recognize.....Read More

WARNING SIGNS are in evidence with an increase in hostility toward those seeking freedom and exercising one's right of a peaceful existence in a godly environment.....Read More


  1. Calling Evil Good

    Calling evil good is a trait that is as the pre-Flood days of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah, and Babylon the hold of every foul spirit; dealt with destruction by God.

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  2. Battle for the Soul

    Battle for the soul is ongoing in a world of iniquity, with the undermining of the soul of man, and destructive measures that attempt to exterminate any godly influence.

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  3. A Spirit of Lust

    A spirit of lust has blossomed forth with an increased availability of lustful pursuits through an electronic age; with little desire to curtail such activity.

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  4. God's Directions for Life

    God's Directions for Life website is designed to help one identify with the Word of God concerning the economic, political, and religious times in which we live.

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  5. The Tools of Satan

    The tools of Satan are ambiguous in nature in that they appear to be acceptable yet are destructive, being promoted by a digital world.

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