By Roy Burner - Minister of the Gospel


Revival in the Word was on the air for over 27 years on WJJM Radio.  I am thankful to the Lord for all the messages that have been laid upon my heart (still are) and for the divine anointing of God's Spirit!  I thank WJJM for being a gracious host to Revival in the Word for so many years.

I desire to share some of my latest messages.  I do not do this as a denominational effort but simply to be obedient to God's direction as to what He would have brought before His people.  I am so grateful that God's Spirit has never failed to give me weekly messages; and continues to do so on the Weekly Audio Podcast of "Revival in the Word."  (Comment)


SPAWNING OF UNGODLINESS is becoming enhanced by the electronic age that has blossomed forth in these latter days towards instant social interaction, information, and entertainment.....Read More  

SNAKE IN THE GRASS is a deceitful for treacherous person.  We are seeing more of this trend rather than integrity that was once bountiful.  The immorality of man is prevailing along with the desire for power and control.....Read More

FURNACE OF AFFLICTION is an irregularity of one's life; oftentimes with life-threatening implications.  It is a state of great stress and suffering; with little understanding as to why.....Read More

HOSTILITY UNVEILED is rapidly being increased in the hour in which we live.  Hostility is animosity towards one who is perceived as a foe; a state of deep-seated ill-will towards another, no longer veiled but openly proclaimed towards its intended victim....Read More 

UNGODLY PERSUASION has been on a upswing; with open reign towards exploiting the ungodliness of man, openly opposing any who would attempt to countermand such a effort.....Read More

STATE OF CONTENTMENT sounds like Utopia, about a perfect society, on an imaginary island; especially in the social, political, and moral aspect.  In the world in which we presently live, for the most part, we are seeing exactly the opposite.....Read More

WRATH OF GOD The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold (or suppress) the truth in unrighteousness; is not myth, nor to be treated lightly, but is a reality.....Read More

FLIRTING WITH DESTINY is serious business when one realizes the implication for having done so.  We are living a a world that is rapidly closing its eyes to the evils that have been transplanted as good instead of evil.....Read More

VOICES OF DISSENSION are becoming more vocal in nature; outrageous in demands, with little forethought of the results for having done so, as long as selfish ambitious are met.....Read More

KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH is difficult to decipher in that there are many who would deceive for their own advantage or agenda.  Scripture reveals that you shall know them by their fruits.....Read More

WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY is afforded for one to enter in, or walk away from, depending on one's moral or biblical standing, and what is being offered.  The political temperament in many nations is of such a nature that one rarely knows which way the pendulum will swing.....Read More

A VOLATILE WORLD is unpredictable and explosive in nature.  Electronics has helped bring the world into an everyday focus that before would not have been possible.  A picture window of events has advantages as well as disadvantages....Read More 

DESTITUTE OF THE TRUTH is referenced in God's Word; as well as an astounding number of references to reasons for one's speaking the truth!  We are living in times when it is difficult to identify the truth because of those who attempt to disguise the truth for their political or personal gain.....Read More

PRODUCT OF THE WORLD are those who have become addicted to sin and wickedness.  Their affections are not on things above but rather the things of this world.  They have become immersed in, and under the power of such, influenced by various electronic devices, and other sources of promulgation.....Read More

MINDSET OF THE WORLD has evolved into an escapism from God in the Western world.  Mindset is one's mental attitude that determines how one interprets or responds.  Oftentimes, one's mental attitude is affected by our electronic world which helps to introduce a worldly environment.....Read More

SPIRIT OF WISDOM attributes to a God-given ability to accomplish that which God desires for the good of mankind.  However, man has taken such to enhance his own evil ways; offsetting the good originally intended.....Read More

RETURN TO HOLINESS is a must if the church of Jesus Christ is to be what He is coming back for: a glorious church not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; that it should be holy and without blemish.....Read More

HOLY GHOST AND POWER is not being sought after as in the great Holy Ghost revivals in the past; with spiritual awakenings taking place.  God's Word reveals that the Holy Ghost (or God's Spirit) will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment.....Read More

FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY is a real issue as one sees man's feeble efforts to bring peace.  We are living in dangerous times that elude peace in many countries in the world.  There is unrest and turmoil; and America is not excluded......Read More

REPLENISH THE EARTH in the sense given in Holy Scriptures has been undermined in a way that would dwarf the procreation of man, as ordained by God.  The ungodliness instituted would preclude such a concept; placed first on Adam and Eve, and later on Noah and his sons....Read More