Timeless messages are seemingly endless in value.  I have heard many messages ministered that I have never forgotten over the years; they are of value to me and at times recalled to my mind.  The messages placed on this Webpage will be purged from time to time; out of necessity, but others will be added as well.


Job cried out: "Oh, that my works were now written! Oh, that they were printed in a book" (Job 19:23)!  Job received his desire; as his words are forever embedded in the Scriptures.  I have drawn many times from the those timeless messages; words of great men, who have since passed but their words recorded for others to benefit from. 

History would have eventually died out; had it not been inscribed for future generations to benefit from.  It is the same with biblical knowledge; if God's timeless messages had not been preserved, from generation to generation to be forever more (Matthew 24:35).

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A RIGHT RELATIONSHIP A right relationship is imperative in regard t one's view of life and one's disposition toward others. 

DAY OF THE LORD The coming of the Day of the Lord entails a close examination as to one's believability of such a day.  A self-examination is needed became man's character tends to become fixed and unchangeable, determined by a lifetime of habitual actions.

DEVIL YOU SAY When one attempts to set the record straight will another respond with "The Devil You Say" and continue along their merry way as before?

FLAME OF RACISM can be fueled by the very ones who are seeking to curb it.  Does ne help to alleviate the cause or promote the cause by their actions?

HARMLESS AS DOVES Harmless as doves is the term Jesus used in sending His disciples out to minister (Matthew 10:16).  Such a term advocates peace not conflict.

HOUR OF NEED Hour of need comes in everyone's life; often a time of great stress and anxiousness.  It is an hour in which some simple give up because their hope lies only in what this world has to offer.

LEAVING GOD OUT Leaving God out of the equation is a mistake of any society that desires a peaceful solution to many complex problems.

NAME OF THE GAME The name of the game in our modern day society is to assault one's intended victim verbally; whether there be any truth to in the verbal ammunition or not.

PERMISSIVE SOCIETY OF TODAY warrants a day in court in regards to its allowance of ungodliness to flourish in the land.  This permissiveness and tolerance is encouraged by a self-willed and carnal-minded society.

REFRESHED IN SPIRIT can happen when one's spirit is revitalized through an encouraging word or action.  The apostle Paul spoke of those who had refreshed his spirit (1 Corinthians 16:18).

RIPPLE EFFECT If an event causes ripples, its effect gradually spreads, causing several other events to happen one after the other.  We are seeing this happening in America, and other nations, today.

SEED OF DECEPTION Seed of deception is fluent in our modern day society that thrives on the fleshly desires of man.  It is a society that has been cultivated towards acceptance of the previous unacceptable.

STEALING OF THE HEART is the intent of many who seek after gain.  We are seeing this in the political arena as well as life in general.  In the Bible the heart is regarded as being the seat of the intellect, the feelings, and the will.

VEHICLE FOR GOD'S USE Vehicle for God's use is one which can be utilized as an instrument of conveyance; not merely as a sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal (1 Corinthians 13:1), but of real value to a world in need of reconciliation to God.


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