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God's Directions for Life Website is designed to help one identify with the Word of God, as revealed through His Spirit, concerning the economic, political, and religious times in which we live.

One's own journey in life is but a glimpse in the avenue of time.  As one continues in life's journey, it is with expectation, that through Christ they can become a stepping-stone for others.  God's Directions for Life attempts to honor such a commitment in its scope and endearment to others.

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Posted 1-22-2022

RESTORING GODLINESS is a must to those nations who have tasted the goodness of God but allowed ungodliness to surface with acceptability rather than rejection.  It was noted that......Read More

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December 2021

FREEDOM FROM BONDAGE is a liberating moment when one is released from a force, influence, or power that dominated their life! Prior to freedom there was a restraint of personal liberty.....Read More

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Posted 1-22-2022

A DIVIDED NATION is placing itself in peril if reconciliation does not come into focus.  Disunity impairs growth of any nation while unity opens the door for growth.  Division is difficult to overcome when both parties involved are dogmatic in their stand.....Read More

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"Revival in the Word"
 Posted 1-23-2022

Revival in the Word Messages 

REVIVAL IN THE WORD was on the air for over 27 years on WJJM Radio.  I am thankful to the Lord for all the messages that have been laid upon my heart and the divine anointing of God's Spirit.....See listing  

Timeless Messages

TIMELESS MESSAGES are endless in value.  I have heard many messages ministered that I have never forgotten over the years; they are of value and at times even recalled to my mind.  God's Directions for Life timeless messages will be purged from time to time, out of necessity, but others will be added....See Listing

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AMERICAN FAMILY ASSOCIATION Pro-family action site promotes traditional family values.  I receive E-mail updates, and news, from this Website daily.  It takes active participation in attempting to right the many wrongs in our society.  Its news (American Family News) come from reporters you can trust without the liberal bias found in much of mainstream media.

CLEAN INTERNET  A Christian filtering device - Shield against Porn and Violent Media.  A build-in filter stops pornography and violent media from reaching you.  An updated database identifies immoral material from the latest websites.  I have utilized Clean Internet for years and find them to be the most comprehensive filtering device available.

OTHER NOTEWORTHY LINKS Those who share a common goal in revealing the truths of God's Words to help make this a better world.

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Biblical Guidance

In many Western nations Biblical guidance is being flaunted as many seek to walk in their own way rather than adhere to the Word of Life.  God's Directions for Life Website is designed to help promulgate Biblical guidance through inspired messages for the hour in which we live.

I invite you to use God's Directions for Life as an instrument to the enhancement of that Word and that it will be instilled in the heart of all who will take time to search out its truths and directions for life!  We are in periods of unrest, biblically identified, and it behooves one to keep up with current biblical information in regards to directions for life in these times.


  1. The Wayward Man

    The wayward man is resistant to guidance and is self-willed; with the moral compass of being cast aside Similar characteristics are: Adrift, carnal, and loose morals.

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  2. A Spoiled Generation

    A spoiled generation is one that does not blossom forth under the guidance of God's Word; but rather flourishes under the leadership of the ungodly.

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