W R Burner (Minister of the Gospel)


This Web page is about the author of God's Directions for Life Website. I am a licensed Minister with a radio ministry "Revival in the Word" for over 27 years.  I have served in various positions after yielding my life to the Lord Jesus Christ 43 years ago.

I have authored literature, as directed by God's Spirit, to help identify where the church is today in regards to God's Word.  I was later introduced  to the creation of this Website towards an audience otherwise unattainable.  I thank God, and His Spirit, for continued guidance in this endeavor and all who receive from this Website!

Author of God's Directions for Life
My Commitment

I grew up in a small town in southern Illinois.  I lost my mother at an early age and was placed in several foster homes.  I was introduced to church life at an early age but was not to make a total commitment to the Lord until I was 35 years of age. 

I fell totally in love with the God; and my Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ! I have had many instances in my life where my present age would not have been attained had it not been for the divine intervention of the Lord; as reflected in "Glimpse of One Life."

Servitude to the Lord

I served in the United States Navy for 20 years.  I am a Vietnam veteran; with numerous awards for services rendered in the military.  I was called into the ministry in 1983.  I am thankful for the opportunity to have served my country; as a member of the armed forces, but of even greater significance is servitude to my Lord and His calling upon my life!

What is Happening

I see a "falling away" of the church in many once godly nations; from their former commitment.  I see a foundation being laid that is in opposition to God's Unadulterated (Pure) Word.  I see a need to return to God;  more than ever before, with 2 Chronicles 7:14 being the key: 

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

I believe we  are encouraging the "Judgmental Side of God" to be unleashed; unless a return to our former commitment takes place. There has been an unleashing of ungodliness  that formulates such a need.  In regards to this Website; I am constantly seeking the guidance of God's Spirit towards what is placed in its contents, to coincide with the times in which we live.


  1. Mighty Revival Spirit

    A mighty revival spirit is urgently needed with a fresh outpouring of God's Spirit to stir up memories of previous commitments to God.

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  2. God's Directions for Life

    God's Directions for Life website is designed to help one identify with the Word of God concerning the economic, political, and religious times in which we live.

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  3. A Nation Under Attack

    A Nation under attack comes to bear when there is an attack on the democracy of any nation; its foundational belief threatened, tampered with, or attempt to eliminate.

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  4. Timeless Messages

    Timeless messages that are seemingly endless in value. I have heard many messages ministered that I have never forgotten over the years and at times recalled to my mind..

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  5. Topics of Value

    Topics of value is a collection of God-inspired messages I did not want to delete simply because they entered into a different category.

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  6. Revival in the Word

    Revival in the Word was on the air for over 27 years on WJJM Radio. I am thankful to the Lord for the messages that have been laid upon my heart.

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  7. The Casualties of War

    The casualties of war involves lost of countless lives with the definition of casualty being that which comes without design or foreseen.

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  8. Mercy of God

    Mercy of God is forgiveness and pardon by a merciful and gracious God towards sinful mankind; reflecting His pardoning grace through the Lord Jesus Christ.

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  9. Iniquity Shall Abound (Lawlessness)

    Iniquity shall abound is an absence of moral or spiritual values; morally objectionable behavior, lack of unrighteousness with an ungoverned appetite.

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  10. A Degenerate Society

    A degenerate society is one that deviates from the norms of yesteryear; from a high moral state into a progressive cultural drift of immorality.

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  11. Present Day Mentality

    Present day mentality is notably different than yesteryear; for we live in an electronic age that changes the thought patterns of many nations and individuals.

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  12. Inhumanity of Man

    Inhumanity of man has increased in these latter days as iniquity (lawlessness) abounds with little concern towards one's fellowman.

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  13. Ills of Our Society

    The ills of our society does not promote good health for a nation founded on the principles of a godly nature.

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