God's Directions for Life blog is to help identify with the most recent changes to this Website.

Ungodly Persuasion

Ungodly persuasion has been on a upswing; with open reign towards exploiting the ungodliness of man, opposing any who would attempt to countermand.

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Eagles Wings

Eagles wings is mentioned in God's Word: One shall ascend heavenwards towards God, swiftly and strongly, as on eagles wings.

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Perplexity of Life

Perplexity of life can have a drastic impact. There are many moments in one's life that can be devasting with the pulse of life increasing in such times.

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The Right Bait

It takes the right bait to make a catch! What method is our adversary, the Devil, using to catch his intended victims?

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God's Directions for Life

God's Directions for Life website is designed to help one identify with the Word of God concerning the economic, political, and religious times in which we live.

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Fragile Morality

Fragile morality is a result of consumption of ungodliness in once godly societies. In the late 19th century the concept of morality warned due to secularization.

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Love of Pleasure

Love of pleasure is an entrapment that has befallen many. Scripture reveals a time that there would be lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God.

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Perilous Times

In the last days perilous times shall come; all that will be godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. Evil men, and seducers shall grow worse and worse.

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Weekly Audio Podcast "Revival in the Word"

Weekly Audio Podcast "Revival in the Word" helps identify with the Word of God concerning the economic, political, and religious times in which we live.

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Glimpse of Heaven

A glimpse of heaven is given in God's Word as the dwelling place of the Deity; everlasting abode of the righteous, and referred to as Paradise..

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Walk with God

Walk with God is a necessary ingredient in the life of a believer. Such a walk is not simply a "fishing expedition" but a dedicated walk in the Lord.

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Furnace of Affliction

Furnace of affliction brings an irregularity in one's life; oftentimes with life-threatening implications, a state of great distress and suffering.

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Timeless Messages

Timeless messages that are seemingly endless in value. I have heard many messages ministered that I have never forgotten over the years and at times recalled to my mind..

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Hostility Unveiled

Hostility unveiled is rapidly being increased in the hour in which we live. Hostility is animosity towards one who is perceived as a foe.

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Topics of Value

Topics of value is a collection of God-inspired messages I did not want to delete simply because they entered into a different category.

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Revival in the Word

Revival in the Word was on the air for over 27 years on WJJM Radio. I am thankful to the Lord for the messages that have been laid upon my heart.

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Thief in the Night

Thief in the night should capture the attention of all! We are seeing the rape of a nation; its once held morals through thievery by the ungodly.

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America at a Crossroads

Is America at a crossroads in its relationship to God; or has it already passed onto a road that will bring God's judgmental side?

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Author of God's Directions for Life

This Webpage is about the author of God's Directions for Life Website. I was introducted to the creation of this Website towards an audience otherwise unattainable.

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Forces of Opposition

Forces of opposition identifes a problem that is systematically stripping away the concept of "One Nation Under God."

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Glimmer of Hope

Glimmer of hope lies within each individual; even in midst of drastic circumstances, especially if that hope is intertwined with faith in God.

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Permissive Society of Today

Permissive society of today warrants a day in court in regards to allowing ungodliness to flourish which is encouraged by a carnal minded society.

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Ploy to Deceive

Ploy to deceive is a tactic intended to embarrass or frustrate an opponent. In many nations there ia a tendency to gain advantage through such a tactic.

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Snake in the Grass

Snake in the grass is a deceitful or treacherous person. We are seeing more of this trend rather than integrity that was once bountiful.

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The Neglected Word

The neglected word is a dereliction of receiving the Word of God in its entirety. Many are walking away from the God of their youth as they line up with a secular society.

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