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God's Directions for Life blog is to help identify with the most recent changes to this Website.

Calling Evil Good


Calling evil good is a trait that is as the pre-Flood days of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah, and Babylon the hold of every foul spirit; dealt with destruction by God.

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Battle for the Soul


Battle for the soul is ongoing in a world of iniquity, with the undermining of the soul of man, and destructive measures that attempt to exterminate any godly influence.

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A Spirit of Lust


A spirit of lust has blossomed forth with an increased availability of lustful pursuits through an electronic age; with little desire to curtail such activity.

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God's Directions for Life


God's Directions for Life website is designed to help one identify with the Word of God concerning the economic, political, and religious times in which we live.

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The Tools of Satan


The tools of Satan are ambiguous in nature in that they appear to be acceptable yet are destructive, being promoted by a digital world.

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Latest Weekly Audio Podcast "Revival in the Word"


Latest Weekly Audio Podcast "Revival in the Word" helps identify with the Word of God concerning the economic, political, and religious times in which we live.

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The Deterrent of Health


The deterrent of health is when one ignores warning signs and pursues their own charted course; as that of the Titanic, a vessel believed unsinkable.

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A Nation Without God


A nation without God on the surface may seem to prosper but is lost and desolate without God; in a world that is seeing devastation, social and political upheaval, etc.

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A Nation Under Attack


A nation under attack comes to bear when there is an attack on its democracy; its foundational belief is threatened, tampered with, or attempt to eliminate.

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Timeless Messages


Timeless messages that are seemingly endless in value. I have heard many messages ministered that I have never forgotten over the years and at times recalled to my mind..

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Conscience of a Nation


Conscience of a nation curtails spiritual understanding that has escaped nations that once looked to God ad their Deliverer and Provider.

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Topics of Value


Topics of value is a collection of God-inspired messages I did not want to delete simply because they entered into a different category.

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Revival in the Word


Revival in the Word was on the air for over 27 years on WJJM Radio. I am thankful to the Lord for the messages that have been laid upon my heart.

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A Deceptive Spirit


A deceptive spirit is showing its ugly head as ungodly influences attempt to outweigh any godliness that exists; causing many to believe a lie. .

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A Castaway


A castaway is one who has rejected the inner moral conscience; having strayed from the truths of God's Word, allowing other influences to intervene.

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Door of Life


Door of life is growing more fragile in an age in which little value is placed on human life by those who seek to control.

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Voices of Dissension


Voices of dissension ring a distinct sound; some to the tune of social injustice, others towards the demise of a godly nation concept.

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At Ease in Zion


At ease in Zion is bringing many nations, and individuals, under the influence of the ungodly with little being offered towards opposing the enormity of the problem.

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The Casualties of War


The casualties of war involves lost of countless lives with the definition of casualty being that which comes without design or foreseen.

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Stand in the Gap


Stand in the gap for the land is of a dire need for nations who no longer have godly leadership; allowing the ungodly to have control.

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Seeds of Corruption


Seeds of corruption are being planted with a probe into the fertile ground of righteousness to offset any productive effort in that area.

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Receiving the Mark (666)


Receiving the mark (666) is much enhanced in the world today through modern day technology that appears to be beneficial but is only a prelude to what is warned against in God's Word.

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Peace and Safety


When they say peace and safety then sudden destruction comes upon them, as travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape.

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Passport to Corruption


Passport to corruption is being rapidly applied through a digital world that supplements the ungodliness of man by pampering fleshly desires.

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Love of Pleasure


Love of pleasure of an ungodly nature is an entrapment that has befallen many with Scripture revealing the characteristics of such a time.

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