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God's Directions for Life blog is to help identify with the most recent changes to this Website.

Walk with God

Walk with God is a necessary ingredient in the life of a believer with such a walk not simply a "fishing expedition" but a dedicated walk in the Lord.

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Memory of My Wife

In memory of my wife I included a couple of poems that I felt were inspired by God reflecting the love for my wife.

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Life in the Military

Life in the military for the most part was a happy memory after my completion of 20 years service; I do not regret my decision to remain in the military as a career.

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Nineveh Type Repentance

A Nineveh type repentance is needed for many once godly nations who have withdrawn from godly leadership and are being influenced by the ungodly; their survivability depends on it.

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God's Directions for Life

God's Directions for Life website is designed to help one identify with the Word of God concerning the economic, political, and religious times in which we live.

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The Biblical Cord

The biblical cord is a lifeline for the believer; just as the cord that sustains the life of the unborn child until it departs the mother's womb.

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Weekly Audio Podcast "Revival in the Word"

Weekly Audio Podcast "Revival in the Word" helps identify with the Word of God concerning the economic, political, and religious times in which we live.

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The Great Deception

The great deception is full steam ahead with many ignorant to its destructive nature; beginning in the Garden of Eden and continuing through today.

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Life After Death

Life after death (for the believer in Christ) will be the greatest adventure ever experienced; it will entail wonders beyond man's greatest grandeur on earth.

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Plagues of God

Plagues of God are instituted for a purpose; normally as punishment for a rebellious people who have forsaken the ways of the Lord.

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Pride and Arrogance

Pride and arrogance reflects a state of inordinate self-esteem, an unreasonable conceit of one's own superiority in talent, beauty, wealth, rank, etc..

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Timeless Messages

Timeless messages that are seemingly endless in value. I have heard many messages ministered that I have never forgotten over the years and at times recalled to my mind..

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Topics of Value

Topics of value is a collection of God-inspired messages I did not want to delete simply because they entered into a different category.

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Revival in the Word

Revival in the Word was on the air for over 27 years on WJJM Radio. I am thankful to the Lord for the messages that have been laid upon my heart.

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Swarm of Evils

Swarm of evils is morally objectionable behavior which causes harm or destruction; bringing wickedness and depravity upon mankind.

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Identity of Sodom

Identity of Sodom is overlapping into our modern day culture; mushrooming like a gigantic threatening cloud that lingers overhead.

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Lifeline in Troublesome Times

Lifeline in troublesome times is needful to have a peace of mind towards what one is facing; for we live in difficult times that could readily make one fearful.

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Sodom and Gomorrah

Sodom and Gomorrah represents any place notorious for depravity or sexual immorality with its tentacles of encroachment extending to our present day.

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Tumbleweed Effect

Tumbleweed effect falls into a host of categories, religion being in that number, that can have devastating results and be dangerous to the soul of man.

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Hiding the Truth

Hiding the truth is an effective way to deceive people into acceptance; an example is utilizing such a means toward promoting Marxism, Socialism, and Communism.

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Programming the Mind

Programming the mind is of upmost importance with that which will not return to haunt one later in life; for such can tarry, to be recalled later in life.

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Controversy with Nations

Controversy with nations has become more prevalent in these latter days; as many nations are becoming detached from God's Word, rather than embracing it.

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Our Greatest Threat

Our greatest threat (amongst others) lies in serving self interests rather than adherence to God's Word; with a policy of shelving God to accomplish what His Word condemns.

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Keep the Torch Lit

Keep the torch lit, and the reason why, is documented by the prophet Isaiah in regards to the future of Israel; but could be applied to all of the household of faith.

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Mindset of the World

Mindset of the world has evolved into an escapism from God; with mindset being one's mental attitude that determines how one interprets or responds.

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